What makes partnership disputes so complex?

Complex business litigation often involves shareholder and partnership disputes, where parties in a business relationship no longer see eye to eye. Every case is unique, but many times they merit not only compensation for monetary damages but also injunctive relief – a legal solution where the court orders the infringing partner to cease a specific action. Injunctive relief might be necessary if one partner is infringing on the other’s intellectual property, breaches his or her fiduciary duties, or tries to “poach” or unfairly take clients or key employees for themselves.

At McDonnell Coates, LLP, we seek to settle a dispute in your favor, whether that’s in or out of the courtroom. We are exceptionally equipped with the insight to protect, mitigate, and recover when litigation is necessary. When litigation is not the right course of action, our legal team pursues alternative dispute resolutions such as negotiations, arbitration, and mediation.

In a business partnership, dishonesty can take many forms. If you suspect that your partner is stealing from your business, now is the time to speak with a business litigation lawyer. In short, business theft happens when one person illegally removes or diverts any assets for their own, personal gain. This type of wrongful behavior can take different shapes, such as: Appropriating entrusted funds wrongfully (Embezzlement); Stealing trade secrets or intellectual property; Violating fiduciary duty (such as removing funds from a business account for personal use); Knowingly misrepresenting information and facts (Fraud)

Our firm can assist you in the following areas: Business Torts; Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Contract Disputes; Copyright Infringement; Deceptive Trade Practices (DTPA); Defending Against Patent Infringement Claims; Dissolution of Business; Fraud and Misrepresentation; Hostile Takeovers Or Buyouts; Intellectual Property Litigation; Minority Shareholder Oppression Including Freeze-Outs, Squeeze-Outs, And Lockouts; Non-Compete Agreement Violations; Oil and Gas Litigation; Partnership and Shareholder Disputes; Temporary Restraining Orders And Injunctions The For The Interference Of Business; Theft of Trade Secrets.

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