Why is asset protection important?

Asset protection is considered in almost every facet of our law practice, and it is a large part of responsible estate planning. Asset protection encompasses several different goals: to protect existing assets from creditors, to ensure the orderly distribution of your estate upon death, to minimize estate taxes, and to protect an inheritance so it cannot be lost in a lawsuit or a divorce proceeding.

At McDonnel Coates LLP, our attorneys have spent years developing successful asset protection strategies for both individual and business clients. We take professional pride in our ability to provide clear explanations of complex legal and financial concepts. We believe our clients need to truly understand all of their options before they can make the best asset protection plan for their circumstances. It is critically important for your asset protection adviser to have a complete understanding of the wide range of legal and financial tools available to meet your goals.

Our firm can assist you in the following areas: Family Limited Partnerships, Family Trusts, Real Estate Trusts, IRA Inheritance Trusts, Offshore Asset Protection Trusts, Life, Spendthrift Trusts, Limited Liability Companies, Asset Segregation, Leases, Employment Contracts and Homestead Exemptions.

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