Why should I have a professional review before I sign?

Everyday activities such as signing a lease, starting a new job and buying a used car can include a stack of paperwork. Throughout the DFW Metroplex, many people skip reading the fine print only to have it come back to bite them down the road. Having an attorney review complex documents is the best way to ensure you don’t find yourself in a bad situation in the future just because you were in a hurry or assumed that it was a standard.

At McDonnell Coates, LLP, we are well versed in all aspects of contract formation, contract drafting, contract review, breach of contract, and contract disputes. We can help you to better understand the long-term consequences of any contract or agreement before you sign the contract or agree to the terms. Our DFW Metroplex contract drafting attorneys are experts at deciphering dense language, summarizing key points, and highlighting areas of concern. Even the most straightforward contract can contain terminology that can create major problems later, including facing a breach of contract action, legal contract dispute, contract interpretation matter, or oral/written contract concern. And the fine print is not always the source of contract problems. Sometimes, the wording of seemingly harmless phrases can legally bind you to do something or pay for something that was not agreed to or expected.

To protect your best interests related to contracts and agreements, we can also help you (a) draft changes to the contract, (b) develop a counteroffer, or (c) negotiate different terms. We also have several notaries in our office who can notarize documents if you determine you are ready to enter into the contract.

Having a contract attorney review contracts and other documents is critical to ensure that your contract can withstand any challenge and properly states your goals. Further, at McDonnell Coates, LLP we believe in preventative legal planning and we offer professional review services at affordable rates, enabling all members of our community to safeguard their interests and prevent future issues that may require expensive legal representation.

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