Have you found yourself facing a legal dispute that you can’t resolve on your own?

While every dispute is unique, an experienced attorney will be able to estimate at the outset how much time and effort your case will take to handle, as well as your likelihood of success. That way, you can make an educated decision as to whether the matter in question is worth the attorney and court fees. In many cases, people find that hiring an attorney saves them hours of time and untold aggravation

At McDonnel Coates LLP, our attorneys understand legal issues can be as personal or as potentially frustrating as those concerning residential real estate. After all, your family’s home may be at stake: the place you hope to buy, rent, sell, or settle comfortably into without hassles from sellers or purchasers, landlords or tenants, contractors, neighbors, or uncooperative lenders or insurance companies.

Our firm can assist you in the following areas: Deed Preparation; Owner Financing Documents; Lien Removal; Contract Review; Affidavit of Heirship; Contract Review; Real Estate Litigation

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