IRS Tax Audit Representation & Defense

Every year, the IRS audits approximately 1,000,000 tax returns. That works out to about 0.5% of all tax returns.

If you’ve received an IRS audit notice, it’s important to work with a tax attorney who will help you get through it while keeping your sanity. You need Simplified Business Solutions. We will represent your best interests and make sure that everything is handled properly. Our experienced tax attorneys know what they’re doing and can ensure that your case gets resolved.

You might be feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed if you’re part of this small group of people dealing with an IRS audit. An IRS audit notice can put fear and doubt in the mind of even the most confident person. It is the financial and legal equivalent of being followed by the police.

Simplified Business Solutions’ tax attorneys combine problem-solving skills with experience and knowledge. They are client-focused tax defenders. They bring a strong mix of intelligence, integrity, and experience.

In IRS defense, who represents a taxpayer is just as important as how that taxpayer is represented. We bring unique IRS insights and work to protect and defend taxpayers, using all assets at our disposal.

  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Federal Tax Levies
  • IRS Collection Alternatives
  • Collection Due Process Hearings
  • Criminal Defense
  • Representative Matters

If you are being audited by the IRS, you face the possibility of significant tax penalties and criminal charges if things don’t go your way.

Do you owe back taxes and are behind on filing your tax returns?

If you have received an examination letter from the IRS, you need a tax attorney in DFW Metroplex who understands the audit process on your side. Our tax consultants are standing by to provide you with quality tax service you deserve and resolving your IRS issues.

At McDonnell Coates LLP, our attorneys will ensure that your rights are always protected. Revenue agents often overstep their boundaries when conducting audits. They are debt collectors and are not on your side. While we attempt to resolve all tax disputes at examination or IRS appeals, occasionally we are forced to petition the tax court for relief.

Having IRS debt can weigh you down keeping you in a rut, let us help! Filing the tax returns, amended tax returns, back taxes and clearing the debt could put money in your pocket and bring financial FREEDOM!

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